~About Me~
Cherry BOMB started off as a little seedling 13 years ago…
It's definitely been a long time coming! I come from a small town, but I've always had big ideas and dreams. I'm just a dreamer that has never given up, despite all the no's, against all odds,
I still believe anything is possible, know matter who you are.
I have a story to tell and I hope it inspires others to do what they love and never give up. It's all a journey... you just have to have the guts, faith & determination not to back down. I've been homeless and down & out a time or two but I never stayed down.. b/c my FAITH is bigger than my circumstances. That's the way I see it.
Not how it is, but how it will be... that's my inspiration.
Fashion Design is the creative energy that sparked my imagination and is now the passion I share with you. I have so many plans for the Brand and I'm so excited to share it with you!
I feel like my line has alot of emotion and energy to it... it's not typical.
I believe women are strong and ever-growing, not typical either. So I wanted my Swimwear to be that statement of who she is or who she wants to be in that moment... We are all multifaceted.
That's why I don't like to put it in a box and call it this one thing...
b/c we are Everything.. that is us.. that is a woman... that is my Brand.
My first collection is the Rock Angel Collection~ which is edgy and sexy.. that 80's vibe of Rock & Roll and Dreamers. It's so much fun! This is the first collection of many more to come.
There is something for everyBODY!

BRAND Statement:
Cherry Bomb is a multifaceted brand that embodies different emotions and moods.. filled with rhythm & passion, almost lyrical.
It's a sweet & spicy mix of Rock-n-Roll,
Pin-Up, & Futuristic Fashion!
CB is a reflection of music, people, and art.
An era that’s unfrozen in time.. Merging the past, present, & the future.
A little bite of it all... it's the best of everything!

My swimsuits are more than a string bikini, they cross over to a new category of swimwear that is more than just swimming or tanning...
It is more glamorous & luxurious... It's a Lifestyle.
A new ERA of swim fashion... It's SWIM COUTURE.
A high end line with an edgy vibe... that's Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bomb is everything,.. because you are everything.

Be a BOMB girl!

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